Telephone recording system

Telephone recording system

General Information:

The all new USB series multi-channel recording system is an all around telephone recording sys. System is connected with the PC via a USB line. Each record is stored in the PC hard disk.

Basic Features :

  • DTMF and FSK
  • 4CH/8CH/16CH
  • Voltage /Audio/Key control

Digital Recording :

Fully digital mode for record and playback hi-fi reappearance of the original sound. 1G hard disk space can contain recording data for 175 hours.

Automatic Recording :

Audio control(A) voltage control(V) and key control(K) are available. Dialing in and dialing out phone can be recorded automatically.

Data Management :

Recording sys can print out,statistic and analysis for dialing in ,dialing out and incoming call data. Also can transfer GSM recording data to MP3 and WAV format

Safe and Reliable :

Password management and classified customer right make recording data safer and more reliable. Any recording won’t be missed.

Main Interface :

Multi-Level User Accounts :

USB allows the administrator to add a new user,to delete a user, to configure user various operation authorization.

Client Management :

Recording sys can input and modify customer information through server. Pop up client information through local PC and network automatically according to incoming call number.

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